The Grass Is Greener This Spring

Last summer, was the grass greener on the other side of the picket fence?  This summer, it’s your time to shine, with your lawn being the envy of the neighbourhood.  Start early in the spring by laying the foundations for healthy grass.  Create your very own lush, vibrant lawn with these tips from Nutri-Lawn’s Burlington Sprinkler Systems. 

Let Your Lawn Breathe Freely
Over the year, bits of grass and other organic matter can build up a thatch layer on your lawn.  This thatch can then be trampled down on your lawn, which basically suffocates it.  Not only that, excess thatch is the perfect environment for pests or disease to move in.  Early in the spring, contact your local Nutri-Lawn Burlington sprinkler systems service and ask about dethatching.  A dethatcher will remove thatch from the lawn, allowing it to breathe better.

Work That Core!
When soil becomes overly compacted, oxygen and water have no room to get in and do their magic.  Similar to excess thatch, this will prevent vital nutrients from reaching your grass.  For optimal lawn health, we recommend having a core aeration treatment for your lawn done during the spring and fall.  When your lawn is aerated, holes are poked into the soil, allowing easier access for oxygen and water. 

Follow Up Core Aeration with Seeding
If you want seeds to get deep into the ground and establish strong roots, then there is no better time to seed your lawn than after aerating.  With a little love from our Nutri-Lawn sprinkler systems, new growth will thrive. 

For Optimal Watering, Go With Our Sprinkler Systems
Humans need to be watered every day.  Grass, however, does not.  It’s a common misconception that giving your grass a little bit of water every day will get you great results.  It won’t.  For a resilient, green lawn, water less often (about once or twice a week), but water deeply.  This will encourage any new grass to develop strong roots.

For best results, invest in our Nutri-Lawn sprinkler systems, which can sense when groundwater is getting a little low.  This ensures that you aren’t watering your lawn after it rains.  For best results, water your lawn in the morning, before the sun comes up.  If you water it during the day, the heat will evaporate it before it soaks in.  If you water it at night, the water will sit too long in the soil, which can encourage disease.

For Best Results, Fertilize
Fertilizing your lawn will get you that thick, green grass you’ve always dreamed of.  It also promotes deep root growth.  Fertilize early in the spring and again in the autumn to keep your lawn healthy year round.

Ideal Cutting Schedules
Your grass should be cut at the right time.  If you cut when it’s too wet, you’ll damage the grass blades.  However, if it’s dry out and your lawn hasn’t been growing much, you may feel as though you’re wasting your time.  But don’t let your goal of having the perfectly manicured golf-course look lead you to scalp your lawn!  For ideal grass health, the blade should be long enough to get nutrients from the sun.  Aim to mow once per week.  Sometimes in the early spring, growth may necessitate twice weekly cuttings. 

Spring is just around the corner and our appointments book fast.  Contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington today to set up your lawn care services for 2013.