Water Conservation And Your Burlington Lawn

With so much concern for resources and global warming, it's no surprise that water conservation has come to the forefront of environmentally friendly thinking.  If you want to decrease your impact on the environment, and increase your financial savings, water conservation with Burlington inground sprinklers is a great place to start.  Read on to learn how water conservation with Burlington sprinkler systems can be compatible with your lawn services this summer. 

Water conservation: Burlington sprinkler systems vs. manual watering

With Burlington inground sprinklers, you can make sure that your yard receives the right amount of water, at the right time.  By having the option to set sprinkler routines early in the morning, you can ensure your yard gets the most out of each watering application.  This technique prevents the hot sun from soaking up the moisture, as would be the case if you were to irrigate manually. Our residential irrigation services offer the best technology on the market to ensure you are getting the most for your money and water usage.

How can water conservation help you?     

Proper water conservation through a smart controller and inground irrigation system helps protect water sources, as well as reduce high irrigation costs. By using water conservation techniques, not only will you spend less money on water, you'll also avoid costly repairs to a heat-damaged lawn

Have questions about the benefits of an inground irrigation system? Then check out our FAQ page for detailed responses to some common Burlington sprinkler system queries.

Water conservation tips

Here are a few ways to proactively take a step towards water conservation with your Burlington inground sprinklers this summer.

  • Have your Burlington inground sprinklers audited.  Once you figure out how your sprinklers need to be updated or fixed, our experts can help you make those repairs.
  • Cycle your watering.  Rather than watering for fifteen minutes straight, water in three intervals of four minutes to allow the water to soak into the soil.   This lessens your overall usage, yet will result in a greener, richer lawn.
  • Program your system to run in the early morning.  This prevents water from evaporating in the hot afternoon sun.
  • Think about the seasons.  Based on weather changes, you should alter the watering time on your Burlington sprinkler systems each month, or even weekly to ensure optimal performance.
  • Check for leaky valves and low head drainage.  If your sprinkler spits out too much air with the water, this could be the sign of damage that needs to be fixed. This means that air is taking the place of water that is draining through improperly placed sprinkler heads.  The water that drains is just wasted, and cannot be returned. A service call should help you alleviate this problem.
  • Buy a rain switch.  These are devices that can be installed on your Burlington inground sprinklers to detect rainfall.  If the rain switch senses that it has rained enough to properly nourish the lawn, then the sprinkler system will turn off to avoid watering what doesn't need to be watered. 
  • Look for nearby water sources.  If you live by a lake, river, creek, or pond, you may be able to use these to your advantage. Hooking up your Burlington inground sprinklers to one of these water sources can save you tons of money.

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