Your Monthly Guide to a Healthier Lawn This Season

Take the time to imagine a healthy, green lawn.  This summer could be the summer you achieve it.  It’s possible with the help of Nutri-Lawn Burlington Inground Sprinklers.

April: Open Your Lawn for the Season
It’s time to wake your lawn from its long winters nap.  Under that bed of snow and debris, who knows what could be lurking?  One thing is for certain – you’re likely going to need to deal with some thatch build-up. 

What is thatch?  Simply put, it’s the leftover clippings of your grass blades.  Having built up all last season and then left to compact over the winter, thatch can leave your lawn gasping for air.  Simply raking your grass will get it back in better shape.  However, if your thatch layer is too thick, contact our lawn experts for a power raking.  This is also the ideal time to install your Burlington inground sprinklers, so they’re ready for your lawn’s prime growing season.

May: Time to Do Serious Work on Your Lawn
May is the month that your lawn finds its groove, and it’s also the month when you should be doing the most lawn care.  First and foremost, you’ll want to aerate your lawn before applying any top dressing or fertilizing.  Aerating relieves compact soil and allows the water from your Burlington inground sprinklers to penetrate deeper.  The end result?  Your lawn will establish deeper roots. 

Now is also the time to fertilize your lawn, to give it a growth boost.  In fact, you may notice it’s a growing champ.  Don’t be surprised if you’re mowing twice per week during the spring. 

If your lawn is in need, now is the time to apply a top dress or overseeding treatment.  Ask us about our Fiesta herbicide to weed out pests, such as dandelions.

June and July: Lawn Maintenance
Finally, summer has arrived! And with it comes months of mild lawn maintenance.  The temperature is just right, so what are you waiting for? Enjoy the fruits of your Burlington lawn care labour.  Your Burlington inground sprinklers should be watering your lawn consistently and deeply and by now your grass should have established deep roots that will help it survive the rest of the season.

However, that doesn’t mean you can completely let down your guard.  Keep an eye out for grubs and chinch bugs.  These buggers can eat up all of your hard work.  If you suspect any unwelcome visitors living in your lawn, contact Nutri-Lawn for a beneficial nematode treatment.

August: Get Those Burlington Inground Sprinklers Into Gear
August is a scorcher!  This could end up burning your grass.  Keep up your inground irrigation to ensure your grass stays drought resistant. 

If you found you had grubs in June or July, now is the time to apply the nematodes. 

In late August or early September, try an overseeding treatment for drought-resistant grass. 

September-November: Closing Your Lawn for the Season
Lawn care doesn’t end in September.  You are still responsible for lawn care up to the first frost.  In early September, overseed your drought-resistant grass (if you didn’t in August) then focus on keeping your lawn weed-free for the rest of the month.

Stick with the status quo in October, and just buy your late-season fertilizer.  In November, you can wrap up the season with a fertilizer treatment.

For a fantastic lawn this summer, contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington Inground Sprinklers.  We can help you every step of the way.