3 Common Questions About In-Ground Irrigation Systems

If you've done some research on in-ground sprinkler systems, you've discovered they are more efficient and can help conserve water. You've learned they can help keep your lawn looking green and fresh. You understand they can save you time and energy by eliminating all that effort to drag around hoses and sprinklers. You're convinced that an in-ground irrigation system is right for you, but you still have a few more questions. Here are a few that we get asked regularly at Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Burlington that might help you in your research.

Question: Aren't all systems the same?

Answer: At the most basic level every system has a controller, valves and a distribution system. Although each system shares those common features, there are numerous manufacturers and types of systems. These systems can be custom designed to meet all of your lawn and garden irrigation needs. Each installation should be designed to take into account the water quality and pressure, the soil type, the plants being irrigated, local weather patterns, as well as each homeowner's preferences and expectations. Systems can also be upgraded with moisture and weather sensors and timers to meet all of your needs.

Question: Can I install an irrigation system on my own for less money?

Answer: Much of the answer to this question depends on each person's experience and abilities, however in many cases it may actually cost more to do it yourself. We recommend hiring a professional for a few reasons. First, selecting and designing a system that takes into account all of the items mentioned in the previous question while staying cost effective and energy efficient is not an easy task. Second, dealing with local authorities to address plumbing and building codes can be very challenging. Lastly, many manufacturer warranties may not cover private installations. For these reasons we recommend hiring a professional and letting their experience work for you in the design and selection, installation and warranties for an in-ground sprinkler system.

Question:these sensors and valves sound complicated to use. Will I be able to figure it out?

Answer:We will make sure that we select and design a system that will meet all of your needs without being too difficult to operate. We will provide written, verbal and practical instruction on how to program the controller. We will also work to make sure that you understand all aspects of how to operate, adjust and maintain your in-ground sprinkler system. Our goal is to provide you with a system that meets all of your needs and allows you to change and customize it as required to meet your needs at any given time.

Still have more questions? We are here to help and no question is too difficult for us. We would love to talk to you about the benefits of a custom designed in-ground sprinkler system and how we can help you have gardens and a lawn that are the envy of the neighbourhood! contact us today to get started on your very own in-ground irrigation system!