Dare to Compare

Looking to compare irrigation companies?


Did you know that not all irrigation companies are created equal? When considering a company to install your inground sprinkler system, you should ask the following questions:

checkWhat is your Warranty?
You can install a Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler system on your property with confidence, thanks to our 5-YEAR WARRANTY. This guarantee protects your investment and saves you money on unexpected repairs and maintenance.


checkDo you have references?
Nutri-Lawn services HUNDREDS of residential and condominium sprinkler systems in the local and surrounding area. 


checkWho does the interior plumbing work?
Nutri-Lawn uses only licensed plumbers for interior plumbing work. This will ensure that your sprinkler system includes a backflow prevention mechanism to protect your drinking water.


checkWhat type of equipment do you use?
Nutri-Lawn uses only major name brand equipment in their irrigation systems – HUNTER, RAINBIRD and TORO. These three professional series brands result in high quality and reliable systems. 


checkIs my system designed so that I can expand it in the future?
Every Nutri-Lawn system includes expandable controllers, which gives clients the freedom to expand their sprinkler system in the future.


checkDo you complete the utility locates?
Nutri-Lawn will never start working on a sprinkler system until all locates (Bell, Gas, Hydro, Cable, Fibre) have been completed.  This ensures a safe work environment for our technicians and avoids frustration from compromised utilities.


Click for a pdf version of a comparison chart to help you make the best decision.

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