5 Irrigation Tips For August

If August turns out to be similar to July, we're going to see some scorching heat waves that last for days. These hot, humid, summer days are great if you're hanging out at the beach, but they're tough on your lawn and garden. Should you change how you're irrigating your lawn and gardens in these hot temperatures? How do you keep your lawn from going dormant without wasting water? Our in-ground sprinkler system experts at Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation share our best watering tips for August.

Get Water Deep To The Roots

In these crazy summer temperatures, we can be tempted to irrigate our lawns as though grass has the same watering needs as the plants in pots on our deck. When it's hot for consecutive days, it seems counter-intuitive, but watering less frequently is best. The extra sensors available with your in-ground irrigation system will measure soil moisture, keep an eye on the weather, and by using zones you can be sure that the sunny part of your lawn gets more water than the shaded part. Watering enough for the water to reach deep into the soil where the roots are growing is best rather than frequent shallow waterings.

Deep rooted plants are better able to withstand the heat and humidity of August.Some vegetable plants also need consistent moisture. Tomatoes, for instance, will split if they undergo a dry spell and then receive a splash of water.


By the middle to end of August, many homeowners cast an eye to cooler fall temperatures and overseed their lawns. Be sure to choose your lawn seed carefully to get the best bang for your buck that suited to the type of conditions in your yard. Choosing a grass that isn't drought resistant will end up costing you more in water over the life of your lawn. Keep in mind that grass seed requires constant moisture so be prepared to set your irrigation system to water the new seeds at least once a day in this heat.


Again with an eye to fall lawn care, some homeowners like to get an early start on aeration. This is typically done in late August or early September. Aeration is important to keep your lawn healthy and shouldn't pose any hazards to your in-ground irrigation system. Aeration will help your irrigation system work more efficiently by improving drainage, absorption, and water retention. Don't wait too long into the fall to get this done as your lawn will need a month of good growing season to recover before winter.


Before you decide to fertilize in August, keep this in mind. Fertilizer needs a lot of moisture to be absorbed correctly, and in August heat you'll likely use more water. Additionally, stimulating lawn growth in the hottest month of the year means those new plants will require more water than a mature lawn to stay green. It's best to fertilizer before a storm using your in-ground irrigation system.

New Plants

Ensure that new plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees get enough water in these hot weeks of August. If you've got zones set up for your in-ground irrigation system, this is easily adjusted. Trees and shrubs planted this season or even last season require additional moisture to survive these hot spells and send out the strong roots needed to survive winter stresses.

Create the lawn you'll love to sink your toes into and a garden that blooms all season with expert help from the team at Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation. Whether you're looking for help with your lawn, or want to install an irrigation system, we would love to chat with you.