6 Steps To Overseed Your Lawn

Want a lawn that looks like you just laid fresh sod? With our Canadian weather fluctuations, budding soccer players, small children, pests, and pets the wear and tear on your lawn can take a toll. We love sod because when you spread the blades of grass you can’t see soil – it’s that thick and dense. Are there bare spots or patches of dirt in your lawn?

Most of the turf grasses popular in Canada are bunch grasses, so as the plant ages it spreads less and puts out fewer blades leaving your lawn patchy and looking rough. If you can spread apart the blades in your lawn and see dirt, you should overseed.

The benefits to overseeding definitely make it one of the most popular (and easy) lawn upgrades you can do. Overseeding is adding new grass seed to an existing lawn so that gaps re filled in to prevent weeds and better withstand drought and heat. In addition to adding great curb appeal, a thick lawn requires less maintenance and uses less water.

Irrigation is an important part of overseeding because consistent watering is the key for optimal seed germination. Once you’ve spread the grass seed and watered it that first time, the seeds should be kept moist until it sprouts. This means watering up to twice a day. An inground sprinkler system will help ensure the best results with appropriate moisture delivered consistently.

Overseeding is best done in the early spring and fall. Grass seed needs consistent water, warm soil temperatures, and lots of sun. Here are 6 simple steps to overseeding paradise.

1. Give your lawn a fresh cut so new seed has the best chance of reaching the soil.
2. If you’re going to add a light layer of fresh top soil (recommended) or compost, do that before you add grass seed so it’s not buried too deep.
3. After spreading the grass seed, lightly rake the area to make sure the seed reaches the soil and has good contact. If the seed falls on grass blades or clippings, or other yard debris it won’t grow.
4. Water the new seed well.
5. Water the new seed up to twice a day to ensure consistent moisture and optimal germination.
6. The new grass should sprout and be ready to mow within two or three weeks (2-3 inches in height). Go ahead and mow the new grass.

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