Prepare Your Lawn for Spring with Nutri-Lawn Burlington

Nutri-Lawn Burlington is certainly ready for spring, and we’re sure you are too. Our inground sprinkler systems aren’t the only factor in creating a beautiful lawn for spring and summer. If you want to have a gorgeous lawn, it’s going to take a little planning. After all, the early bird gets the worm.

If you want your lawn care and Burlington irrigation systems to be ready for spring, then it’s going to take a little TLC. Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler systems can help you out but you also need to work a little more on your won. Here are tips from Nutri-Lawn Burlington to transform your lawn.

Get efficient inground sprinkler systems
The first step in creating a great lawn is having efficient Burlington irrigation systems that involves water conservation. Having the right inground sprinkler systems will let you schedule your sprinklers for the right time of day and the right amount. Remember that your lawn only requires 1-2 inches of water weekly, and in fact, the best time of day is early morning.

Early morning watering is best because it’s close enough to dawn that excess water will evaporate, but far enough from dawn that the cool weather will allow the water to absorb into the soil.

Don’t over water
As mentioned, excess water isn’t great for your lawn. Excess water breeds mould and disease and can cause problems. Leave the watering for your Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler systems. Don’t let snow ruin your inground sprinkler systems with over watering.

Now that spring has hit, it’s time for you to care for your lawn. Spread your snow around the lawn so that it doesn’t clump. You may not have thought of this in the past, but in fact, spreading your snow is an important part of your Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care so that you don’t allow mould to sprout.

Overseed to revitalize
After winter, it’s pretty normal to see patchy areas in your grass. However, if you want to bring your lawn back to life, you can’t deal with the hassle of patches. Bring in overseeding from Nutri-Lawn Burlington you need to refresh your lawn.

Overseeding is the process of laying down new grass seed. You’ll need strong Burlington irrigation systems in order to create a healthy lawn when combined with a new seed.

Bring life to your lawn
One of the factors of life is breath. If you want to bring life back to your lawn, you need to allow it room to breathe and to bring in nutrients required to create a healthy lawn. Over the winter months, compaction makes it impossible for your Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler systems to reach your grass roots once spring arrives. In order to reduce compaction, you need to aerate.

Core aeration is the process of punching holes in the soil in order to create tunnels for nutrients and water from your Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler sytems to travel through.

Finally, fertilize
Last but not least, you want to make sure that fertilization needs to be completed properly. Balanced fertilization will allow you to create a verdant, healthy lawn. Talk to a Nutri-Lawn Burlington specialist to find out which fertilizer works best for your lawn.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Receive your consultation for Burlington irrigation systems today.