4 Consequences of Over-Watering

With the recent heat wave hitting southern Ontario, lawns are beginning to turn brown and go a bit crispy. At the same time, insects and weeds seem to be thriving in the oppressive heat. Many homeowners will make a critical error this season that could do more harm to their lawn-overwatering.

Lawns that receive consistent deep watering once a week or once every two weeks will thrive where lawns watered more often will struggle. In heat waves, a lawn that's already struggling against a pest or existing condition is less able to withstand drought conditions. If you're deep watering your lawn too frequently problems with root rot, fungus and mildew will develop. Frequent waterings that don't encourage the roots to dig deeper into the soil leave your lawn exposed to drought and other pests.

Installing an in-ground irrigation system will take the guess work out of watering your lawn. With built-in moisture sensors in the soil, weather alerts so it knows when your area is receiving rain, and timers so you don't lost water to evaporation, your lawn will never be overwatered again. In addition, your lawn will develop strong deep roots to help it withstand extreme weather conditions. You'll use water more efficiently, maintain a healthy lush lawn, and never have to drag a hose or portable sprinkler across your lawn again.


When roots are kept wet, think of a potted plant swimming in water, the air pockets in the soil disappear. If the water doesn't drain in a timely way, the plant roots suffocate. Guess what happens to your lawn then? If there are low-lying areas of your yard, this could explain why you have to keep overseeding that area every year.

Weak Roots

Plants need strong roots to stand up and withstand strong weather. But plants can be lazy, so if there's always water readily available near the surface the roots don't dig into the earth very far. Shallow root systems can't withstand snow, wind, rain, or drought very well.


Weeds are opportunistic things. When your grass begins to struggle, weeds will move in and take over. Some weeds are especially good at thriving in hot and dry conditions, some thrive in conditions where particular nutrients your lawn needs are absent while others prefer always moist conditions. Crabgrass is one weed that loves always moist conditions and will thrive where your grass will drown or struggle against fungus and other diseases. Lawns consistently watered too much will struggle with weeds.

Lost Nutrients

Water likes to wash things clean, wash things away, and the nutrients in the soil are no different. When too much water is consistently present, your lawn will be deprived of important nutrients it needs to thrive. The obvious fix is to apply fertilizer, but this begins a vicious cycle where fertilizer must continually be applied.

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