Easy 5-Step Spring Irrigation System Check Up

It's almost time to start thinking about getting your inground sprinkler system ready for summer. It might be tempting to just turn on the water and hope for the best, but a little work ahead of time can save you a lot of headaches later. While systems will vary, here are a few things homeowners can do to get your inground irrigation system ready for summer.


When irrigation systems are shut down for winter, often they are left with the master valve off and any isolation valves open. This allows any water that might get into the system to back up past an open valve and prevent major damage with freezing. When turning the system back on, be sure that any isolation valves are closed before slowly opening the master valve to allow the lines to fill gently. Opening the main valve too fast can cause damage from sudden changes in pressure.

Check for Leaks

As the main valve is being slowly opened, check the for visible leaks and repair immediately or mark for further repair. After the system is fully charged, walk your yard and look for any wet spots that may be appearing. If there are puddles or pools of water on your lawn, this is a sign of a problem that must be addressed. Also look inside any outdoor valve boxes to make sure no other leaks are found there.

Check The Controller

If your controller was unplugged, you'll have to reset the date and time. Also check and replace the battery if required. Review the programs to make sure they are still set properly and reprogram if required. This is a simple step easily skipped.

Review The Zones

Now it's time to begin opening the isolation valves and testing each zone. As you open the isolation valves, review each zone for leaks. Also look over the sprinkler heads. Proper distribution of water is key to a well performing sprinkler system and this is controlled by the sprinkler heads. The heads can be more susceptible to damage, so have a look and make sure that they are properly set and giving proper distribution. Follow through with this process for each zone and each sprinkler head in your irrigation system.

Run A Test

Lastly, it is often helpful to run a test program to make sure the entire system is operating correctly.

Other Thoughts

This is a very basic spring checkup for handy individuals comfortable with the tasks. Each system is unique so be sure you are familiar with the various components of your own system before doing your spring checkup and maintenance. And if you would prefer some help, we are happy to have one of our irrigation professionals review your system and provide maintenance or repairs if necessary.

Don't have an inground sprinkler system yet? Spring is the perfect time to start planning yours to help you get your lawn and gardens looking their best. Our team of professionals at Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation would be happy to come and discuss your options. Our goal is to help you design and install the best system for the specific needs of your home or business. For more information on how our services, contact us today!