Give Your Lawn A Head Start This Spring

It seems as though spring may have finally sprung! With the warmer and longer days soon upon us, everyone is getting ready to work on their lawns. After a winter and spring like we have had in southern Ontario, there's lots to be done to get your lawn looking lush and healthy again.

Proper irrigation is critical to getting your lawn looking great again. It's super important not to over-water, which can lead to mold and disease. You can also starve your lawn of the essential nutrients it needs by not watering it enough. Here are some suggestions on getting the moisture content of your lawn just right so it can thrive.

Keep It Damp

Don't wait until the hot sun in August has dried out your lawn to start watering it. Although we've had a wet spring, the cold winds in the spring can dry your lawn out very quickly if extra water is not added. Keeping your lawn properly watered in the spring allows seeds to germinate in the ideal conditions.

Consider The Weather

Although we want to make sure the lawn and soil is kept moist, we also want to be careful not to give it too much water and make it vulnerable to mold and various diseases. Keep track of the rainfall with a rain gauge. Look for about 1" to 1 1/2" per week for optimal growth.

Know What You Need

It is also important to know how much water you are adding with your sprinklers. One simple way to do this is to place some flat bottom tin cans around your lawn and run your sprinkler for 15 minutes. Then measure the depth of water in the various cans and determine the average. From this you can determine how long you should run your sprinklers on a weekly basis to make sure it is getting enough water when taking natural rainfall into account.

Early Is Best

Timing your extra watering is also important. Watering in the morning before sunrise is the best. This prevents the water from evaporating in the warm sun, but allows the lawn to absorb the water during the day while the sun warms it. Watering in the evening may leave the lawn too wet for a long period which puts it at risk of fungus growth.

Inground Sprinkler Systems

Fortunately, getting a lush, healthy, perfect lawn doesn't need to be a burden. Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Burlington's inground sprinkler systems are a great solution for those who are looking for an easier and consistent approach to lawn watering. Our systems are programmable and can be custom designed to meet the demanding needs of both your lawn and your schedule. These systems can also be equipped with weather sensor technology to make sure that your lawn is getting just the right amount of moisture at just the right time.

A healthy, lush lawn doesn't have to be only for the retired guy down the street - it can be yours as well! Our lawn care experts would be happy to discuss your options and give you some more information on how our systems can help you, contact us today!