How To Choose An Irrigation Installer Even If You Know Nothing About Inground Irrigation

You've been thinking about installing an inground irrigation system, but do you need a professional to install it? How do you choose? Do you only rely on word of mouth? What are some good questions to ask? We asked our experts to give a good summary of what you need to know to make an informed decision on hiring an inground irrigation system installer.

Can They Tell You What Your Lawn Needs?

Different soil types, varieties of grasses, how much sun and/or shade, slopes, ditches, plant types - these factors will all influence not only what kind of inground irrigation system you need but what options would be beneficial for your yard's needs. Look for a company who knows what makes your yard and gardens unique and how they can customize a solution just for you!

Be wary of the companies who offer a blanket solution (the same one they offer everyone) for your entire lawn. The great companies will lay out how to best meet the watering needs for each part of your lawn and gardens so your grass will thrive all season long.

Ask For Recommendations

We trust the recommendation of strangers on Facebook more than the claims a company makes on their website. Ask the company if there are people in your neighbourhood they've done work with and could you contact them? What's their experience been like. You want a company that will get the work done when they say they will and won't destroy your lawn during installation.

And hey, sometimes things go sideways without any warning, so look for a company willing to make things right.

Find Out Exactly What You're Paying For

Many inground irrigation companies offer packages, so be sure you know exactly what you're getting for that discounted price. Will service calls be an additional fee? What kind of warranty is available? What exactly does the warranty cover? What kind of maintenance fees or service fees will you be facing if you want help in the fall or spring? Can you opt out of your contract and what kind of penalties will you face? Whatever you agree to, be sure you know what extra expenses you'll be on the hook for.

There isn't a right or wrong type of package or deal, just make sure you're informed about what you're agreeing to!

What Line Of Products Does That Company Deal With?

There are a few top-line products that lead the industry with inground irrigation. Find out what kind of components a company uses and know what you're getting. Cheaper components are more affordable but often don't last as long. That's fine as long as you know that up-front. Is that product designed to handle whatever challenges your landscape offers?

If you want to upgrade at a later date, will that product line offer that flexibility?

What Training Do Their Installers Have?

Look for a company who employs licenced plumbers when installing inground irrigation systems. The last thing you need after investing in irrigation is to find out there's a problem with your water inside the house or wake up to a flooded yard.

When you reach out to a professional irrigation company, make sure you ask about all the services they offer. Specifically, you are looking to see if they offer maintenance and warranties. If a professional irrigation company will not service their own work, then you should be hesitant to use their design and installation services.

Getting a Quote

A trustworthy company will be happy to provide you with a written estimate or a quote. In order to do so, they'll need some specific information about your property, which often includes a trip out to your home to understand your property's unique needs (soil condition, plant types water pressure, etc.).

Be wary of anyone who only asks for the square footage and never actually looks at the yard!

Before Breaking Ground

Before a professional breaks ground on your property you'll want to make sure they've located utility lines such as hydro, gas and cable.

If the professional company you are speaking to does not schedule a service to locate utility lines before breaking ground, you will be leaving yourself open to a variety of potentially unnecessary complications and extra expenses.

Minimal Disruption

The whole point of installing an inground irrigation system is to make sure your lawn gets the maintenance it needs to be healthy and beautiful. So if someone has installed an irrigation system in your property and has destroyed your landscaping in the process, they've done something wrong.

A professional irrigation company has the knowledge and equipment necessary to provide installation with minimal disruption. Make sure to ask about this upfront - if they can't guarantee minimal disruption to your existing landscaping during the installation, it could be a notable red flag.


When you hire a professional sprinkler system company to install your inground sprinkler system, they provide experienced technicians with the right tools to get the job done. Not only do they have the specific tools needed to make a quick and easy installation, they also know what tools to use, and how to use them, in order to ensure the installation does not compromise the landscaping of your property.

Why You Want A Professional Installed Inground Irrigation System


A professional sprinkler system company has experienced technicians who have encountered many different types of lawns and yard configurations. They know what to do if they encounter something unexpected and how to solve it properly the first time!

A professional installer will know how each and every part of your inground irrigation system works, how those parts work together, and are safely able to get creative without leaving you with problems to deal with later.


A professional installer will be much faster and more efficient than someone doing it themselves after work or on weekends, who maybe doesn't have all the right tools or any help.

A professional can also troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly to get things working. So you'll have a functioning inground irrigation system right away!

Know What Services You Want

Are you looking to install a new system, upgrade an existing system, or get maintenance on a system you already have? Do you need advice on improving efficiency or water conservation?

Knowing what you really need will prevent you from being talked into more than you want to pay for.

Get To Know The Company

Some people prefer a small owner-operated company while other homeowners find more comfort in hiring a larger business with multiple employees. Know your preference and do your research. If you prefer to always deal with the same person always, ask about that. If you find greater comfort in knowing that there's an entire staff at your disposal should any needs arise, know that before you sign anything.

Extras You Might Consider Asking Your Irrigation Installer About

Winterization: Living in the Burlington area, your in-ground irrigation system needs to be protected from the elements. Ask what winterization services are included in the installation. If it is not included in the installation, make sure you know what fees will be associated with the process.

Warranty: An in-ground irrigation system is subject to animals, erosion, corrosion, inclement weather, and general wear and tear. Ask about the warranty, what exactly it covers, and for how long. It's best when you have the warranty in writing, so make sure to get it all down on paper!

Contact Nutri-Lawn

At Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Burlington, our customers have peace of mind knowing that we install and maintain inground irrigation systems the right way, and have done so for over 20 years. We offer design, installation and system maintenance services, a five-year warranty, perform all the necessary due diligence needed prior to installation and we guarantee minimal disruption to your property during installation.

We also use and carry high quality products from top brands to ensure your system can survive the wear and tear of Southern Ontario weather. If you're looking for a trusted and professional company to install an inground irrigation system in your property, contact us for your consultation today!