How to Go Green with Your Irrigation System

Earth Day has come and gone, and it may have you asking yourself how you can do more to reduce your environmental footprint - not just one day of the year, but every day. You'll be happy to know that even the smallest changes can have a big impact. One area around your home where you can go green is the method you use to water your lawn and garden. Decreasing your water waste and household water consumption can go a long way in decreasing your environmental footprint and lowering your hydro bills. In the end, conserving water is a win-win for the environment and your wallet. Here's how you can avoid water waste with an in ground irrigation system.

Get Custom Installation

If you don't have an in ground irrigation system at home, but you are seriously considering one to take the hassle out of lawn maintenance, be sure to get a custom installation by professionals.

For a custom installation of an in ground irrigation system, you'll want to hire an experienced professional irrigation company you can trust. When it comes to irrigation systems, one size does not fit all. As a result, an irrigation system must be tailored to fit each property's specific needs. Hiring a professional will help ensure that all the target areas of your home are covered efficiently and effectively.

When a professional comes to install your custom irrigation system, they'll install the correct sprinkler heads for your lawn and adjust them accordingly to avoid over or under watering. Professionally installing sprinkler heads will also ensure that your system is watering the correct areas of your property - not sidewalks or parking areas. When your sprinkler system is designed to hit only the target areas of your lawn and garden, you'll avoid unnecessary water waste.

Regularly Check Your Irrigation System

If you already have an irrigation system and you're looking for ways to make it more environmentally friendly, the solution is simple: check your system regularly and keep it well maintained.

This may sound like a pretty easy thing to do, but because your irrigation system is usually hard at work during off-peak hours, this task can quickly become out of sight and out of mind.

To perform a check of your irrigation system, simply look around the faucets and sprinkler heads for any leaks that could lead to significant water loss.

If a poorly maintained sprinkler system has a significant amount of water loss, it's not only causing water waste and running up your hydro bill, but it's also not doing your lawn any favours.

When performing regular checks to your irrigation system, you'll also want to ensure that all rain and moisture sensors are working properly and that all filters are clear and free from sediment. Knowing that the sensors are working correctly will also help prevent any over-watering from occurring.

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