How to Prevent Grub Damage with an Inground Sprinkler System

If you are a lawn and garden enthusiast, then you know that summer is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You've worked hard all spring to bring your lawn back from the winter freeze and now that it's time to enjoy the lawn you've worked so hard to create, nothing should get in your way. That is, until you see the damaging effects of grubs munching away on your lawn!

How to tell if you have grubs

Besides actually seeing grubs or other grub-like pests in your lawn, you may be tipped off to a grub problem if you start finding dead patches in your once-beautiful and healthy grass. Another telltale sign is seeing holes dug in the lawn by animals looking for a tasty grub to eat.

The best way to tell if grubs are infiltrating your lawn is to lift up a small section of your grass and soil and take a look.

How to eliminate grubs

If you've taken a peak underneath your lawn and found that there are in fact, grubs or other grub-like pests living in - and feasting away on the root system - you'll want to eliminate the problem before it gets out of control.

With that being said, the dead patches of lawn you may be seeing from a grub infestation is typically the extent of the damage that these grubs or grub-like pests can cause. It usually takes a large infestation to cause a significant amount of damage. Nonetheless, you've worked hard to prepare a beautiful lawn for summer, and dead patches can be an eyesore you certainly didn't plan for, so it's best to eliminate the grub problem to get your lawn looking even and healthy.

Is your lawn healthy?

Before tackling a grub problem, you want to determine if your lawn is healthy. If your lawn is healthy, you may not have as big of a problem as you might think. Healthy lawns are able to repair the damage that grubs and grub-like pests cause, without you having to intervene.

When your lawn isn't healthy

If your lawn isn't healthy, then your grub problem might actually be a problem. Unlike healthy lawns, lawns that are already stressed and damaged are much more vulnerable to disease.

If your lawn is already struggling to survive, a grub infestation may cause your lawn to stop fighting and simply wither and die. While grubs are sometimes a common occurrence in Southwestern Ontario lawns, they do not have to be the cause of your lawn's demise.

How your sprinkler system can help

Having a healthy lawn is the best way to protect against damage from grubs and other grub-like pests. One way to ensure your lawn is healthy is to promote deep root growth, and an effective way to create deep root growth is by watering your lawn correctly.

But I water my lawn often..

Watering often and watering correctly are two very distinct actions. Even those who water frequently may find their lawn is not as healthy as those who water with deep root growth in mind. The key to this method is getting the moisture to penetrate down into the deeper layers of the soil as opposed to having the moisture only penetrate the top layers of soil to create shallow roots.

With an inground sprinkler system, you can program your system to water at the exact day and time that is optimal for the water to penetrate deep into the soil and stimulate deep root growth. Custom settings such as weather sensor technology also allows your system to acknowledge how much precipitation your lawn has received from Mother Nature and adjust its watering schedule accordingly, ensuring your lawn does not get too much or too little water.

Aside from helping create and maintain a healthy lawn that can fend off grub damage, an inground sprinkler system can bring convenience to your life and help you conserve water. To learn more about the many benefits of an inground sprinkler system, contact Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Burlington today.