How Your Irrigation System Can Help EradicateClover

Have you ever looked out over your lawn and been frustrated that the only spots of green are the clumps of clover? How do you get rid of that pesky weed and get grass to grow instead? Clover is a perennial weed prolific across Canada, so you're not alone. Clover also has a showy white flower that many homeowners find unsightly.

Clover, like any other weed, is opportunistic. If the favourable conditions exist for it to flourish, it'll move in and take over. The key is to create ideal growing conditions for your lawn and not the clover. By installing an in-ground irrigation system, you can deliver a fatal blow to the clover in your lawn.

Favourable Condition #1: Lack Of Nitrogen

An important component of any fertilizer, nitrogen is what help gives plants that nice vibrant green colour. Nitrogen is present naturally in the soil, but clover is much more efficient at absorbing nitrogen than your grass is. Your lawn is only pulling nitrogen from the soil, whereas clover is able to find nitrogen in the soil and the air.

An in-ground irrigation system is able to deliver water-soluble fertilizer that's absorbed faster and more efficiently by your plants. There's no worry about burning plants because the fertilizer is delivered with sufficient water each time. This will help ensure that your lawn is getting all the nutrients it needs to out-perform the clover.

Favourable Condition #2: Watering Too Often Or Not Long Enough

Water is essential for new seeds to germinate and grow. Clover is no different than another plant in this respect. If you're watering your lawn for short periods, often, you're creating conditions that favour the clover and not your lawn. New seeds need constant moisture to germinate. Instead, water less frequently but longer and create conditions more favourable to existing plants to thrive. Grass with deep roots are able to access water deeper in the soil whereas new weeds trying to get a foothold in your lawn won't have enough moisture to sustain themselves in warm, dry temperatures.

Favourable Condition #3: Improper Mowing

Clover can take a real beating and come back healthy. Your grass needs at least 2-3 inches of blade to really thrive, so keeping your lawn mown short gives the advantage to the clover.

How We Can Help You Get Rid Of Clover In Your Lawn

Clover is fairly easy to get rid of with a chemical lawn spray. It will require patience as it can take multiple applications.

Consider installing an in-ground irrigation system if you're looking for a sustainable, long-term, and/or chemical free option. In just one season, our experts can create the conditions that favour your lawn over the clover. This will include proper irrigation for overseeding, fertilizing, and other organic options along with proper mowing techniques.

Whatever you decide is best for your lawn, let the sprinkler experts at Nutri-Lawn Burlington provide some helpful advice. Contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation for a complimentary quote.