In Ground Sprinklers: Not Just For Water

Sometimes you can do all of the right things - water at the right time, keep your lawn cut just right, have all the debris picked up - but you still aren't quite happy with how green and lush your lawn is. It may be that your lawn is lacking in some important nutrients that it just isn't able to get from the soil on your property. Your lawn likely needs to be fertilized.

Fertilization is an important step that helps your lawn to develop strong roots which leads to a thick and healthy lawn. It may be a bit counterintuitive, but a lawn that is growing well needs even more fertilization since it is using up more nutrients from the soil. Most often fertilization is applied in granular form with a fertilization spreader, this is effective if applied correctly and sufficiently diluted, but can be time consuming and labour intensive if you have a larger lawn. An option to consider may be fertigation.


Fertigation is the application of fertilizer using water soluble products through an inground irrigation system. Fertigation has many benefits, most of which is the fact that as a liquid, the nutrients are more quickly absorbed by the plants and there is less risk of burning plants or killing sections of your lawn by applying too much dry fertilizer in one location. There is also less risk of harm to pets and children as the liquid fertilizer is quickly absorbed into the surrounding soil which prevents surface exposure.


Fertigation is added to the irrigation while the lawn is being watered and has some important advantages over dry fertilizers beyond those already noted. The following are a few of the advantages of fertigation over dry application of fertilizers.

Water Savings

When applying dry fertilizer, it is important to add extra water to ensure that the fertilizer is properly absorbed by the lawn. If there is insufficient water the dry fertilizer can actually do more harm than good to the lawn by damaging the lawn and leaving it at risk to disease. Fertigation is applied in the normal watering cycle and does not require additional water.

Fertilizer Savings

Since the fertilizer is in liquid form and is more readily absorbed, it can be applied in much smaller quantities more frequently. This will lead to an overall reduction in the amount of fertilizer being applied. Fertilizer is further reduced since there is less chance of runoff of the fertilizer by storms. Dry fertilizer may not be absorbed before the next storm, however the liquid fertilizer will be absorbed much faster, reducing the chance of losing fertilizer to storm runoff.

More Effective

Fertilizer that is applied in liquid form through an irrigation system is more effective because it reaches the roots of the plants faster. This allows more of the nutrients in the fertilizer to be absorbed by the plants.

However you choose to apply your fertilizer, our goal at Nutri- Lawn Burlington Irrigation is to help you get the lawn and gardens you have always hoped for. contact us today to discuss how we can help you get started with a new inground sprinkler system for your home or business to make fertilizing your lawn and gardens easier.