Mowing and Irrigating Like a Pro

Grass is generally not a difficult plant to grow and it requires only a few things to flourish. If you've had issues with your lawn in the past, it can be frustrating if you're unable to diagnose the problem. Maybe you have a decent lawn right now, but know it could look better. By using these pro lawn care tips from Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation, your lawn will look its best so you can enjoy it all summer long!

Install smart irrigation

In-ground irrigation is the most efficient way to ensure your lawn is getting the right amount of water at the right time. Here are a few tips to maximize your in-ground irrigation system:

  • 1. Water early in the morning. The water has time to seep into the soil and reach the roots before the hottest part of the day evaporates moisture on the surface. This allows the grass to fully dry after each watering. Watering at night can sometimes leave your grass wet or have water pool

  • 2. Water your lawn approximately once a week and provide about one inch of water. This deep watering will encourage your lawn to grow deep roots which help prevent damage in extreme weather.
    In order to know how much water is being delivered to your lawn, consider installing a smart water system which can has a rain gauge, can measure soil moisture, and even connect to local weather reports to prevent watering before a thunder storm.

Leave Grass To Grow Longer

Some homeowners like to keep their grass short so they don't have to mow as often. This really puts a lot of stress on your lawn particularly in drought-like conditions. Make sure to leave one third of the blade intact after each mowing to ensure the grass stays healthy. Longer grass blades retain moisture better, prevent weeds, and resist pests and disease.

Mowing once a week, roughly, is a good guideline to consider. This allows your grass enough time to recover between mowings and grow enough to need a trim. Mow more frequently if conditions have your grass shooting up faster than normal.

Leave Grass Clippings

Many homeowners find grass clippings unsightly and promptly gather and bag up what's left after a mowing. However, if you leave the grass clippings on your lawn (assuming you haven't left the grass to grow so long your lawn looks like a hayfield), they will deliver many beneficial nutrients back into the soil. The clippings decompose and provide needed nitrogen and water to your grass. This can sometimes eliminate the need for fertilizer or work in addition to a fertilizer to really give your lawn a boost.

Think of it as free fertilizer! It is important to ensure that the clippings are decomposing between mowings though. Piles of clippings left on the lawn can kill the grass if its too dense. If last week's clippings are still visible, bag those up before you mow again. That way you still get full benefit of the new clippings without allowing old clippings to build up and create a thatch problem.

Are you ready to finally have that lush green lawn you've always wanted? Call Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation to receive your free quote today!