6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Irrigation Company

No one wants to be "that neighbour" with the brown lawn this summer, but who has time to water the lawn? An inground irrigation system might be just what you need, but what questions do you ask when shopping for a good company to work offering good value? The experts at Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation share the questions you should be asking.

Can They Tell You What Your Lawn Needs?

Different soil types, varieties of grasses, sun and shade, slopes and ditches will all have different watering needs. Look for a company willing to give you a free estimate and lay out a couple of different options. Some companies will offer a blanket solution for your entire lawn, but the great companies will lay out how to best meet the watering needs for each part of your lawn so your grass will thrive all season long.

Ask For Recommendations

We trust the recommendation of strangers on Facebook more than the claims a company makes on their website. Ask the company if there are people in your neighbourhood they've done work with and could you contact them. What's their experience been like. You want a company that will get the work done when they say they will and won't destroy your lawn during installation. Look for a company willing to make things right.

Find Out Exactly What You're Paying For

Many inground irrigation companies offer packages but know exactly what you're getting for that discounted price. Will service calls be an additional fee? What kind of warranty is available? What kind of maintenance fees or service fees will you be facing if you want help in the fall or spring? Can you opt out of your contract and what kind of penalties will you face? Whatever you agree to, be sure you know what extra expenses you'll be on the hook for.

What Line Of Products Does That Company Deal With?

There are a few top-line products that lead the industry with inground irrigation. Find out what kind of components a company uses and know what you're getting. Cheaper components are more affordable but often don't last as long. Is that product designed to handle whatever challenges your landscape offers? If you want to upgrade at a later date, will that product line offer that flexibility?

What Training Do Their Installers Have?

Look for a company who employs licenced plumbers when installing inground irrigation systems. The last thing you need after investing in irrigation is to find out there's a problem with your water inside the house.

How Can They Save You Money And Time?

If you're not watering your lawn at all in the summer, installing an inground irrigation system will use more water and increase your water bill. However, there are many efficient options to reduce water consumption and conserve water.

The Irrigation pros at Nutri-Lawn Burlington's fantastic customer service, competitive rates, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee makes them a great choice for your inground sprinkler system. Contact us today to discuss an inground irrigation system designed specifically to meet the needs of your lawn so you can spend more time enjoying your property than watering it.