Summer Watering Tips for a Lush and Healthy Lawn

Summer officially arrives this week and that means the hot humid weather will be upon us for the next few months. These high summer temperatures can be hard on your lawn, and can cause stress, disease and drought. To make sure all the hard work you put into your lawn this spring doesn't go to waste, be sure to follow these important watering tips this summer.

Differentiate Between your Lawn and Garden

Before programming your inground sprinkler system to water both your lawn and garden all at once, consider the fact that the plants in your garden may need less (or more) water than your grass does. Watering your garden just like your lawn is a common mistake that many homeowners make, but it's actually important to differentiate between the two areas.

Typically, grass needs more water because it has more shallow roots than a bush or a shrub, so if you water your lawn and garden in the same way - using the same amount of water - you'll either drown your garden or starve your lawn.

With a programmable irrigation system, you can divide your property into zones, and water each area accordingly.

Water Regularly

Does watering your lawn often get bumped to the bottom of your to-do list? Do you only remember to water when your lawn starts to show visible signs of damage? This is common among homeowners who have busy lifestyles, but watering your lawn regularly will dramatically improve the look and health of your lawn. Leaving your lawn to dry out and go dormant in between each watering will cause extreme stress to your grass, leaving it vulnerable to death and disease.

With an inground sprinkler system, you can take watering the lawn off of your to-do list altogether. Simply set the timer to water your lawn on a consistent schedule then sit back and reap the rewards of having a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Use Mulch

Using mulch in your lawn has a variety of benefits. Not only does is help keep weeds at bay, but it also helps to lock in moisture, which means watering less often! If you water your lawn manually, this is a definite advantage as it means less work and energy. If you have an inground sprinkler system that takes care of the watering schedule for you, this is also an advantage as it means you'll be able to conserve water by watering less frequently.

Contact the Professionals

With the hot summer weather now upon us, it's an important time to stay on track with your watering routine. With an inground sprinkler system you can create a hassle-free watering schedule that requires minimal work and attention. When the summer is over and your lawn requires a different watering pattern, you can adjust the settings on your sprinkler system accordingly to keep your lawn looking great throughout the fall and spring seasons as well. Contact our professional team at Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation today to learn more about the benefits of an inground sprinkler system or to get a complimentary quote.