Watering Tips for Spring

The snow has finally melted, the weather is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer. It's safe to say that spring has finally arrived in southern Ontario! This means that homeowners, outdoor-lovers and garden enthusiasts alike are gearing up to give their lawns and gardens the much needed are and attention they need after a long winter.

One of the best ways to get your lawn looking it's best again is to water it right. Too much water and your lawn can become susceptible to lawn disease. Not enough water and your lawn lacks the nutrients it needs to grow. In this article, we've listed some of the best tips for watering your lawn this spring.

Keep Lawn Moist

Water is essential for creating a beautiful, healthy garden. While many people tend to water their lawn only when weather conditions are hot and dry, it's important to keep your lawn moist, especially in the spring time when seeds need moist conditions for germination.

Factor in the Weather

While watering your lawn is important for obtaining optimal grass growth, it's also important to monitor the weather conditions. If your region is experiencing a rainy spring, and your lawn has received at least one "tuna can full" of water each week from the natural weather cycle, then refrain from manually watering your lawn or turning on your sprinkler system that week.

To monitor how much precipitation your lawn has received each week, put an empty tuna can outside near your lawn and check to see how much water has accumulated. Each week, check the amount of water collected and factor it in to your watering schedule. Afterwards, pour out the water in the can and begin again for next week.

Water in the Morning

During the spring months, you'll also want to promote lawn growth by watering early in the morning. If you water just before the sun begins to rise, or shortly after, you'll avoid losing water to evaporation that takes place if you water your lawn later in the day, when the sun is up and shining. Watering your lawn in the evening, as opposed to the morning, can also cause problems for lawn health as evening watering can leave the grass too wet, making way for fungus growth.

After reading about these spring watering best practice tips, you may be wondering if having a healthy lawn really fits into your lifestyle. Maybe your too busy ushering children off to school in the morning to water before the sun comes up, or you've got a long to-do list as it is without having to monitor precipitation amounts each week.

Getting a perfect, lush lawn can sometimes be difficult, but it shouldn't be impossible, no matter how busy your lifestyle. Fortunately, there's a solution to your all your lawn watering problems - an in ground sprinkler system!

In Ground Sprinkler Systems

Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Burlington's in ground sprinkler systems are customizable and programmable. This means you can set your sprinkler system to water your lawn just as the sun rises, and you won't even need to even leave your bed! Better yet, weather sensor technology helps determine how much precipitation your lawn has received each week and adjusts the system's water schedule accordingly.

With an in ground sprinkler system, getting a beautiful, healthy, picture-perfect lawn is well within reach. To schedule your free consultation with our team of lawn irrigation experts, or to learn more about how an in ground sprinkler system could help you get the lawn of your dreams, contact us today.