When Planning Landscaping Changes - Don't Forget In-Ground Irrigation

Whether you've just bought your first home, recently moved, or have been in the same place for a while, sometimes you need to spruce up the landscaping or change up the look. It may be to better reflect you or the neighbourhood vibe. Whatever the reason for changing or updating your landscaping, we have put together some helpful tips to get you started on the right path - making sure your gardens and lawn will have the support of the right amount of water at the right time without wasting time, energy or resources.

Plan For Success

There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to landscaping. This is the perfect time for some updating and some changes. Come up with a plan that reflects your own personal style and accentuates the features of your new home that you love the best.

As you plan your new landscaping, this is the perfect time to consider your approach to irrigation. It is much better to have an in-ground sprinkler system installed as major landscaping changes are made along with the other changes you would like to make to save time and effort. An in-ground sprinkler system will save you time, energy and money in the long run so it is a worthwhile investment to consider right from the start.

Gather Some Data

While in this planning stage there is some important things you should find out to help you understand the care and irrigation requirements of your lawns and gardens. The first is to look at the exposure conditions. Is your property mostly shaded or mostly sunny? Is there a mix of both? Knowing this will help you decide what to plant and where and have the irrigation needs set accordingly.

What kind of soil do you have? The irrigation requirements of your lawn and gardens will be much different in a soil that is loose and sandy than in a soil that is hard packed clay. Maybe you've added top soil to the gardens, but parts of the lawn are still clay - that's OK. Your in-ground irrigation system can be designed to accommodate that and still deliver the right amount of water.


One of the most important ingredients to getting your lawns and gardens looking their absolute best is to have proper irrigation. Proper irrigation can make or break a landscaping plan. In-ground sprinkler systems remove the worry and guessing and put real data to work to help your lawn and landscape look their best all season. In-ground sprinkler systems can be customized with timers, moisture and weather sensors, rain gauges and more to help you get that lush, healthy, green lawn and those beautiful gardens that your property deserves.

Overwhelmed by the complexity of your new project? There are many considerations, especially when it comes to irrigation options. That's where we can help. Our irrigation experts have extensive experience in every type of landscaping project. We know sprinkler systems and can help you design a system that will work with your landscaping plan. contact our team at Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation to help you realize your dreams for a fabulous property with a new in-ground sprinkler system fully customized to meet all of your needs.