When Should You Invest In Inground Irrigation And Does It Really Help Your Lawn?

When Should You Invest In Inground Irrigation And Does It Really Help Your Lawn?

Installing an inground irrigation system is an investment, but let us show you how the benefits can multiply! You want your lawn and gardens looking their best, even in the hot summer months. You've invested time and money into a great-looking landscape so here's how an inground irrigation system can protect that so you can enjoy your yard all summer long.

An inground irrigation system is about more than convenience!

A Change In Life Seasons

A change in lifestyle can have a drastic effect on the amount of time you have available for completing regular lawn maintenance tasks. Maybe you've just become a parent, transitioned into a new job, dedicated more time to travelling the world, or are dealing with injury or other mobility-limiting situation. Big lifestyle changes can leave you with less time to be outside completing lawn care tasks that are necessary in keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful.

An inground irrigation system allows you to continue to maintain your lawn to your previous standards with much less time and effort involved. With smart technology that allows you set it and forget it, with apps that monitor weather and moisture sensors, your irrigation system will take the guess work out of maintaining your landscaping.

Forgetting to Water

Hey, we're all busy spinning multiple plates. Watering the lawn can easily fall to the bottom of your priority list, or your plans hijacked by the tyranny of the urgent. Whether you're forgetting to water the lawn altogether, or you step outside hours later and realize the sprinkler has been on all day - in the rain, an inground irrigation system can really simplify your lawncare routine and improve efficiency.

Not providing your lawn with enough water will cause stress on the grass and leave it vulnerable to drought and pests.

New Home

Whether this is your first home or your tenth, everyone likes to put their own unique stamp on their home. An inground irrigation system is an investment that will increase the value of your home by as much as 15% through the convenience of having it but also the improved curb appeal of having a lush, green, almost maintenance-free landscape.

A Large Yard

If your home or business has large tracts of lawn or gardens, an inground irrigation system is a great investment. Not only can smart technology take the guess-work out of when and how much to water your lawn and gardens, you don't have to worry about it or pay someone else to worry about. You can set it and forget it.

A large yard that gets full sun, without some added moisture during the hottest months, is probably going to turn brown and go dormant. This isn't necessarily bad for the lawn, but the visual appearance isn't. ideal. If your yard is too big for a hose and sprinkler, this is a no-brainer.

A Well-Designed and Professionally Installed Irrigation System Saves Times, Money & Water

Our customizable and programmable inground irrigation systems, with weather sensor technology, are designed for efficiency in many ways. By creating zones, each area of your yard and landscaping receives just the right amount of water preventing run-off and drought.

The smart technology and moisture sensors ensure that each area of your yard receives just what it needs for optimal growth without wasting water or your time. Only water at optimal times. Never walk outside to find the sprinklers still running after hours. Prevent thatch, pests, and diseases caused by overwatering. In combination with your inground irrigation system, fertilize your lawn and gardens in the summer to give them a green boost when everyone else's lawn is turning brown.

Have we convinced you yet? We've got more.

Professional Installation Saves You Money Long-Term

There are many things in life where a do-it-yourself attitude can save you a lot of money. However, long-term, an inground irrigation system is not one of those things.

Water and electricity are not good bedfellows and you really need to know what you're doing because the consequences can be life-threatening. That glaring issue aside, you want to ensure the irrigation system functions optimally without risking the system's electrical components or risking any damage to the electrical systems in your house.

Expert installation means there's no damage to your yard or gardens, that sensors and programs are functioning properly, everything is done to code and in compliance with insurance stipulations. And you have the peace of mind that the components are top quality, built to local code, and built to last.

When Is The Best Time To Install An Inground Irrigation System?

You can install an inground irrigation system at any time as long as the ground isn't frozen. Spring is a popular time of year so it's in place for the hot summer months, but it can be done any time. It's also popular with new homeowners or homeowners facing a sudden life-change.

Prior to installing an inground irrigation system, take advantage of moving plants or gardens. You don't want to invest in an inground irrigation system and then decide to create a new garden that will have its own watering needs. Make note of any problem areas that will need attention. This could be the bare spot where the last owners had a trampoline or gazebo, or where the slope causes run-off when it rains.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Irrigation

During the hottest months, your lawn requires roughly 2.5 cm of water per week. It can be a risky move to count on rain during July and August especially. Without adequate and predictable waterings, your lawn will go dormant. While this is not the end of the world - it'll perk up next season, it's discouraging trying to walk barefoot across a crispy brown lawn.

Our inground irrigation systems come with smart technology to ensure waterings happen first thing in the morning for greatest water efficiency and to prevent mold and mildew problems. There's little risk to fertilize your lawn in July if you want to because you can ensure the grass will receive adequate and consistent moisture.

Your lawn and gardens will be watered in such a way to promote a thick network of roots and go deep. A thick root system prevents weeds and pests better than any pesticide, and deep roots ensure the lawn can withstand the extreme weather fluctuations so common in the GTA. Sensors can track moisture in the soil so the irrigation only starts up when needed. Smart technology can also tap into local weather forecasts so the lawn isn't watered in the morning with a thunder storm predicted in the afternoon.

How To Maximize The Impact Of Your Inground Irrigation System

Proper mowing helps the soil retain moisture and wards off disease and bug infestations. Instead of shearing the lawn as short as possible, leave the grass a little longer. Leave one-third of the height of a blade of grass after a single mowing. Cutting any more than one third causes unnecessary stress on your entire lawn.

A summertime boost of fertilizer might be called for in July. Over time, water runoff and diluted nutrients can cause the health of your lawn to wane. A little added fertilizer can give your lawn the nutrition it needs. It's tricky fertilizing in summer because without adequate and consistent water, the fertilizer can do more damage than good, but with proper care it can add a green boost to your lawn and gardens. You can also use your inground irrigation system to deliver the liquid concentrate to your yard.

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