Why Install An Inground Sprinkler System?

We all know that you can't get a beautiful, lush, green lawn without proper watering. There are two basic options for keeping your lawn adequately watered - either hoses and portable sprinklers or an in-ground sprinkler system. There are certainly benefits and drawbacks to each of these and careful consideration should be given to which is right for you. So, why consider an inground sprinkler system if I already have a hose and some portable sprinklers? There are several benefits to having an inground sprinkler system installed. Here are a few:

Water Conservation

One big advantage of an inground sprinkler system is the ability to provide the proper amount of water for your lawn. Portable sprinklers will often overwater some areas, while under-watering others. An inground sprinkler system is designed to provide a consistent amount of water at the proper time. Utilizing rain and moisture sensors, these systems can determine how much water your lawn needs and deliver the right amount to your lawn in an even and controlled way through the sprinkler heads. No more puddles all over your lawn, or water running down the gutter in front of your yard.

Time Savings

Your time is valuable and it can be very time consuming to haul out and put away all those garden hoses and sprinklers day after day. Inground sprinkler systems can help save all that time. These irrigation systems can be customized and programmed to water your lawn when needed, freeing you up to spend your time enjoying your summer. These systems can also be programmed to provide extra water during sensitive times like spring when those seedlings are just coming up, or during the hottest part of summer when it hasn't rained for several weeks. So, instead of tracking weather patterns, unkinking hoses and carting around sprinklers, the customized, programmed sprinkler system can take care of the lawn.


In addition to saving time and conserving water, a sprinkler system can add convenience to your already busy life. Early morning watering, needing to move sprinklers while the lawn is being watered, or hauling those hoses out and putting them away can all be eliminated with a well designed inground sprinkler system. In addition, with rainfall and moisture sensors, these systems can operate while you're away at the cottage or on vacation. With an inground system you will not miss a watering and your lawn can be rich and lush all summer long.

Naturally all of these benefits come at a cost, but an inground sprinkler system is an investment in the value of your home - not just the system itself, but the lovely lawns and gardens the sprinkler system will help to maintain. If you are considering an inground sprinkler system, contact our professional team at Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation so we can help you understand all of the options available and develop a customized plan for you and your lawn and gardens. For more information on how our systems can help both businesses and residential clients, contact us today!