How To Choose An Irrigation Company

Spring is here, but the hot dog days of summer are coming. Whether you're looking to install an irrigation system or have one that needs repair or maintenance, it's important to do a little company research and know what services are provided and what you're paying for.

Now is the time to install or get maintenance on your irrigation system to get your lawn looking its best. Here are some basic questions to answer so you get the best bang for your buck!

Ask Around

Which irrigation companies are your neighbours using? Ask your coworkers or friends on Facebook. Which companies are your friends and contacts using and recommending? How was their customer service? Were they happy with the services that were provided and were concerns and questions handled quickly and professionally? Always check online for complaints, but also be sure to look into how the company dealt with those complaints.

Know What Services You Want

Are you looking to install a new system, upgrade an existing system, or get maintenance on a system you already have? Do you need advice on improving efficiency or water conservation? Knowing the answers to these questions will prevent you from being talked into more than you want to pay for. Are you also looking for a company to provide additional services - like lawn care or other yard maintenance services? You may choose to only deal with one company, or perhaps the company offers bundle discounts for each additional service.

It's always a good idea to get a free estimate and a list of services that are recommended. You may not want all the services they offer, but knowing those services are available may help you choose with an eye to the future. You can see the services offered by Nutri-Lawn Burlington here.

Know What You're Paying For

Hidden costs can add up quickly when you start adding interior plumbing and accessing local utilities. Know what services the company provides, whether they employ qualified employees, and whether they have a warranty or guarantee on their work. Know exactly what services you are paying for and which ones will come with an additional cost. No matter what their answers are, and it's always wise to get a quote in writing and know what you're paying for in advance. Here's a list of questions to ask

Get To Know The Company

Some people prefer a small owner-operated company while other homeowners find more comfort in larger business with multiple employees. Know your preference and do your research. If you prefer to always deal with the same person always ask first. If you find greater comfort in knowing that there's an entire staff at your disposal should any needs arise know that before you sign anything.

How much experience does the company have in the irrigation business and can they provide references for the kind of work you're requesting? Knowing how much of the services they offer they contract out to other companies may affect the prices you're paying.

The experts at Nutri-Lawn Burlington Irrigation can help you take the guess work out of residential irrigation and offer the major brands with professional expertise.
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