Weed Control

Nothing detracts from a lawn's beauty like a patch of unruly weeds. Weeds are plants out of place. They detract from the beauty of a well manicured lawn due to the contrast in colour and texture, and soak up nutrients intended for turf, trees, and ornamental flowers. If weeds are causing you grief, Nutri-Lawn Burlington has a solution. Our environmentally-friendly weed control products are designed to specifically target and remove persistent weed varieties, as well as to protect your lawn from future infestations.

Identifying Undesirable Weeds
The first step in weed control involves identifying the unwanted specimens in your yard. Lawn weeds can easily be divided into two main classes. These classes are based on how the weed emerges from the seed. The first class is monocots. These weeds emerge from the seed with a single leaf. Dicots, on the other hand, emerge from the seed with two leaves. Monocot weeds are often referred to as weedy grasses, and include crabgrass, annual bluegrass, tall fescue, and quackgrass. Clover, dandelion, ground ivy, and knotweed are common types of dicot weeds, also known as broadleaf weeds.

Once you've established what sort of weed you're dealing with it's time to call the technicians at Nutri-Lawn In-ground Sprinkler Systems. Our weed control professionals will further deduce whether the weeds are perennial or biennial before recommending a weed control treatment. Need help identifying your weed infestation? Contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington today for a personal lawn consultation.

Environmentally-Friendly Methods of Weed Control
Harsh chemical pesticides aren't the only way to control weeds on your property. In fact, organic treatments are safer, healthier alternatives for residential lawn care. Products like Fiesta Weed Control, and Beneficial Nematodes are proven to help combat unwanted weeds, as well as enhance the overall health of your yard. The Government of Ontario has banned the use of harsh pesticides for a reason. Contact one of Nutri-Lawn's weed control professionals today to learn more about the benefits of environmentally-friendly control methods.
Regular upkeep is also key when it comes to protecting your lawn from unsightly weeds. Proper trimming, fertilizing, and aeration help improve the soil quality of your yard, while an in-ground sprinkler system ensures precise watering applications. Need some more help maintaining your lawn? Check out Nutri-Lawn's Eight Secrets for a Great Lawn article.

Don't let weeds dominate your lawn. Contact Nutri-Lawn today to learn more about weed control methods for monocot and dicot weeds. Call 905-632-2445 for more details.